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waterresourceproblems - II Water Resource Problems Water...

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II. Water Resource Problems Water becomes a problem for humans only when it is inadequate to meet the demands placed on it by us or when it interferes with our safety or convenience. PowerPoint--Water Resource Problems-- The problems encountered can be most conveniently considered by separation into three groups: 1. Problem of absolute supply (quantity)- usual time interval is one “year” water year is Oct-Sept 2. Problems of regimen (timing)- within the water year 3. Problems of quality- Let us discuss briefly each of these problem areas and potential solutions to these problems. 1. Solutions for absolute supply problems. a. Importation of water from an area in which a surplus occurs naturally. One of the oldest solutions used by man (Roman Aqueducts). Many present-day examples. Central Arizona Project- currently underway. (1970’s---Texas Water Import Plan. Talk locally of bringing Mississippi River water to the South Plains region.) Eventually and ultimately cost or supply limits this solution. Lubbock
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water- Canadian River and wells near Muleshoe, Texas. ( Lake Alan Henry is “next” and it is “downstream”!! ) b. Weather modifications- rain-making or cloud seeding. Seeding can work but many other problems remain which affect the end results. Also social and legal problems in weather modification. (Local activities again- some for,
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waterresourceproblems - II Water Resource Problems Water...

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