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Media Review 1-3 - Media Review #1 The hate crimes bill...

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Media Review #1 The “hate crimes bill” that cleared the senate on Thursday (Oct. 22 nd ) was an extension of the already existing one that makes violent hate crimes a criminal federal offence, this bill basically re- defined hate crimes to include violence based on sexual orientation, race, religion, gender, national origin,  disability, or gender identity.  There was a lot of media coverage of this issue which I personally thought  was a bit of overkill, I didn’t think this issue needed much discussing or that it was very controversial.  The  main debate over this issue stems from a bigger one, that being same sex marriage, because this bill now  includes sexual orientation which seems to make certain people very angry. I anticipated the response to  this being a lot of debating over stuff not directly related to hate crimes, like same sex marriage. I do not  think that the articles I read on this issue from the LA Times or CNN were bias at all, they presented the  facts of what was going on and covered both sides of the debate. I believe the message of all the  coverage on this issue was to present the public with what was going on and to present both sides of this  issue.  I believe the coverage achieved its goal of letting people know that the issue of hate crimes 
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Media Review 1-3 - Media Review #1 The hate crimes bill...

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