Midterm - RWFM 4320,5320 Midterm Name Leslie Hughes...

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RWFM 4320,5320 Midterm Name Leslie Hughes Instructions: This is an open note-open book “take home” exam. You may also work with classmates on the exam. Your answers to the questions are due by 5 pm on 27 October 2009. This 100-point exam will be graded based on (1) completeness of each answer, (2) accuracy and thoroughness of material supporting your answers, and (3) your ability to express your points in an understandable, concise manner. If you have any questions on the exam, please email me. There are 5 questions, each worth 20 points. (1) Natural resource policy development and implementation is a complex and, at times, exasperating process. Describe the purpose of policy in the management of natural resources and roles of associated laws, rules, and regulations. Discuss the need to understand the social and decision processes associated with policy-related activities. Policies are interpretations of laws that are the frame work for achieving the objectives of the laws. So policy is obviously very important in natural resource management because it is very influential in planning and administration which is a large part of managing natural resources, the purpose of policy in natural resource management is to help professionals in the natural resource field find a way to balance production of natural resources and help preserve the integrity of the natural environment. There are many laws, rules, and regulations that govern policy and how it is applied, and they all play certain roles. Laws are set in place, then policies that have rules and regulations are used to interpret those laws, so a natural resource professional has to deal with all of these aspects of policy in their work. Because there is so much for a natural resource professional to deal with they have to understand the social and decision making processes associated with policy making activities. Often times policy is crisis driven so it is sometimes hard to come up with the best case scenario in this situation so persons working in natural resources needs to be prepared for this, they also need to understand that socially we all base decisions on our own values and this comes into policy and it needs to be understood that not everyone has the same values and belief systems as you. Natural resource policy, and policy in general is a very complex system that needs to be understood as thoroughly as possible to achieve your goals. (2) As a natural resource professional you have many obligations during policy development and implementation; some career related, others moral or ethic related. Often natural resource managers and researchers realize the need for policies to address certain issues long before the general public and policy makers take action. However, it is typically difficult for natural resource professionals to successfully make a case for policies to address natural resource issues. What are the role/obligations of natural resource professionals in the development
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Midterm - RWFM 4320,5320 Midterm Name Leslie Hughes...

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