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Midterm1 paper - Hughes 1 Native and European Affects on...

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Unformatted text preview: Hughes 1 Native and European Affects on the Contested Plains The history of the United States has long been dotted with humans overexertion of natural resources, long before the states were united. Generally in the earth 17 th century Native Americans of different tribes sustained themselves by means of agriculture (not on the scale we are familiar with today), they had gardens that supported their populations and they did some small scale hunting. But towards the late 17 th century Native American tribes started to branch out of their river valleys and slowly move southwest towards the Great Plains. The different tribes slowly went in and out of power and fought with each other and the small number of different Europeans in the area. The movement west was greatly facilitated when Native Americans started stealing horses from the Spanish and realizing their potential. The horse made it easier to hunt bison, which in turn made the difficulties of living on the plains year round worth the great economic gain to be made in the bison trade. So the population of the Plains exploded, The plains had never seen such movement and displacement of people in such a blink of time (West, 67), The number of persons using the central high plains more than doubled between 1820 and the mid-1850s (67). With the possibility of great economic expansion came the rise of the Cheyennes, they had the chance to play a vital role in an old but expanding economic system (70). The Cheyennes continued to move south as they gained economic power then they had an experience that would change their course of history. Their medicine man was confronted by their All Being Maheo, Maheo gave the Cheyennes a new name the Called Out People and told them that they had range over all men and bison. This is not where the Cheyennes environmental and economic troubles started but the events following are what caused their later problems. Hughes 2...
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Midterm1 paper - Hughes 1 Native and European Affects on...

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