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Leslie Hughes HIST 3327-001 3/27/09 Parks Place: MacKenzie Park I chose to go to MacKenzie Park for this assignment, to experience and analyze the natural environment around me. I chose MacKenzie Park because it is the park that my younger sister Mackenzie is named after, I’d been there as a young child when we lived here but do not remember any of it. My father use to play golf on the golf course located in the park every Thursday and he and my mother liked the name so much they used it for my younger sister. So I only thought it was appropriate that at age 19 I visit the place my sister was named after. MacKenzie Park is definitely more of an entertainment type park than an educational or natural style park. The park has multiple baseball fields, a traditional golf course, a Frisbee golf course, multiple jungle gyms, and a place called Joy Land Amusement park. The park also includes an area called Prairie Dog town, which is a huge prairie dog town where the visitor can observe the dogs in their everyday life, this part of the park is more on the educational side of the park spectrum. My father use to play golf and softball at this park often over 20 years ago, so I do not think that the purpose of the park has changed much from when it was first built, I believe it was always intended to be a family fun, entertainment park. Back in my father’s time at the park the I-27 interstate did not exist, now at this time the most distinct sound you hear in
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most of the park is the interstate, the smallest sound you hear would have to be the birds, I think this is a shame and that it should be the other way around, but the park couldn’t pick up and move after the interstate came through. The largest ‘object’ in the park would be the golf course because it covers the larges square foot area, so I would imagine it is the main focus of the park since it is the largest. The area around MacKenzie Park today is a very industrialized area with multiple businesses, I mentioned the interstate, there is also a residential area growing around it on the other side. In the past MacKenzie Park
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Parks Place - Leslie Hughes HIST 3327-001 3/27/09 Parks...

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