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Kellert assignment questions 1) What columns were your highest and second highest scores? My highest column was moralisti and my second highest was ecolgisti 2) Based on the definitions of the attitudes Kellert defined, that makes you what? (e.g., a birkenstocker, greener?; a meat and trophy hunter?) 3) Do you think this represents you accurately? I do belief this represents me accurately I’ve always felt I had a moral obligation to other species on earth. 4) What do you think is the highest scoring column across the U.S.?
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Unformatted text preview: I would probably say the highest scoring column in the U.S. is doministic, maybe but I’m not sure. 5) What factors do you think were most important in forming your attitudes about wildlife? I think that my attitude about wildlife was shaped by where I grew up and my family’s attitude towards wildlife. I grew up playing outside everyday with the Nueces River in my back yard, and my parents always stressed the important of protecting our environment....
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