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RWFM 2301 The entire map shown below is currently a (50 year old pulp log) aspen ( Populus tremuloides ) forest. You are the U.S. Forest Service, Wildlife Biologist. You wish to manage the area to harvest the logs from the entire site over the next 40 years while also providing habitat for ruffed grouse ( Bonasa umbellus ). Ruffed grouse use successional stages as listed below. Ruffed grouse home ranges are generally < 40,000 m 2 (=4 ha) and they will not use openings > 100 m across. 1. Outline (on the map) a clear cutting harvest strategy that would allow harvest of at least 40,000 m 2 of mature aspen forest every 10 years and provide a good distribution of habitats for ruffed grouse. 2. Describe how you would achieve the habitat arrangement needed for timber harvest and ruffed grouse management over time. How long would it take? For this exercise assume blue grouse use habitat as follows: 1. openings (<10-yrs old)
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Unformatted text preview: provide spring-summer forage Area = 16 ha 2. shrub stands (10-20 yrs)provide cover and forage ha = 100m x 100m 3. young trees (20-30 yrs) provide nest/roosting sites 4. pulp log sized trees (>30 yrs) provide critical winter food. 400 m You can use shapes and draw lines on this word document and write text explaining answer on next page. Or you can do this on separate sheets and scan your answer to send it in. • First you would harvest from the areas of brown dotted line which would provide the spring-summer forage area for the ruffed grouse • Then you would harvest from the green areas which provide cover and forage area, and harvest more trees • Then you would harvest from the blue area, to meet the amount of trees but still provide nest/rooting sites from the ruffed grouse • Finally you would harvest from the red area, which are areas that provide critical winter food for the ruffed grouse...
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Prob1-timber%20ruffed%20grouse%202301[1] - provide...

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