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Ch. 17 Quiz 1. Which is NOT an urban habitat zone ? A. suburbia 0% B. rural-urban interface 0% C. metropolitan center 0% D. greenbelt 100% 2. Which does NOT provide important habitat for wildlife in urban areas ? A. sewage treatment plants 0% B. rooftops 0% C. backyards 0% D. all ARE valuable urban habitats 100% E. none are valuable urban habitats 0% 3. Which is NOT a valuable urban wildlife habitat ? A. cemeteries 0% B. parks and campuses 0% C. abandoned areas 0% D. surburban developments 0% E. downtown metro-centers 0% F. all ARE valuable urban habitats 100% G. none are valuable urban habitats 0% 4. Urban wildlife management is important because: A. 75% of the U.S. public lives in urban areas 0% B. urban habitats are the only habitats that are increasing in modern society 0% C. urban publics are NOT currently being adequately served by wildlife management
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Unformatted text preview: agencies 0% D. all of the above 100% 5. Why are there so many of just a few species in urban areas ? A. they have become accustomed to humans 0% B. there is a lack of predators 0% C. urban monocultures 0% D. plentiful resources for those that can use urban environments 100% E. all of the above 0% F. none of the above 0% 6. Greater attention to urban wildlife management will: A. help instill in urbanites a greater appreciation for wildlife even though most of it doesn't live in cities. 0% B. be useful in educating urban citizens about the principles and values of wildlife management. 0% C. help improve planning to reduce the effects of urbanization on wildlife habitats and populations. 0% D. all of the above 100% E. none of the above 0%...
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