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Ch. 19 Quiz 1. Which Federal law enables wildlife management personnel to make decisions that can alter or stop even highly funded, federally supported development programs ? A. Endangered Species Act - Section 4 0% B. Pittman-Robertson Act 0% C. there is no law that has this power 0% D. Environmental Protection Act 0% E. Endangered Species Act - Section 7 100% 2. Why is wildlife is classified as game, nongame, furbearer, endangered or some other classification ? A. so people can tell one kind from another 0% B. for purposes of applying different management strategies to different kinds of animals 100% C. so they will be managed the same way across state or national boundaries 0% D. none of the above 0% 3. Where does funding for management of nongame wildlife come from ? (might be more than one correct answer) A. Pittman-Robertson Act 0% B. Forsyth-Chaffee Act 0% C. our income taxes pay for nongame wildlife management 0% D.
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Unformatted text preview: tax check-offs, license plate sales, sales taxes 50% E. there is no reliable funding for nongame wildlife - because they can be 'stolen' for other political purposes. 50% 4. What factors predispose (makes it more likely that ) a species will become endangered ? A. having narrow habitat requirements of distribution 0% B. being of economic importance to humans 0% C. being of large size - needing lots of space 0% D. having low reproductive rates 0% E. being highly specialized 0% F. all of the above 100% G. none of the above 0% 5. Species become endangered for many reasons. Which is NOT a reason that is regularly causing problems in our world today ? A. introduction of non-predator exotics 0% B. hunting - over exploitation 0% C. introduced predators 0% D. habitat modification 0% E. introduction of new genotypes 100% F. natural causes 0% 6. How many classes of wildlife does Texas have ? A. 13 100% B. 5 0% C. 10 0% D. 25 0%...
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