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Ch. 19 Study Guide Nongame and Endangered Wildlife For the greatest part of the short history of wildlife management in the U.S., wildlife management was game management. Natural history and ecology of many birds, reptiles, amphibians, and other species not having status as game animals were studied but rarely to manage their numbers or habitats. Within the past decades, wildlife management has expanded its focus to include nongame species as part of an ecosystem along with other species managed as game species. 1. Definition 1. Classification of wildlife into categories like game nongame lies in the political arena not the biological one 1. such classifications are for purposes of management 2. different, even neighboring, states classify the same animals differently while the animal itself did not change just by crossing the state border. 3. Texas classifies wildlife animals as: 1. Migratory birds: ducks, geese, cranes, doves, rails, woodcock, snipe…. etc. 2. Game animals: e.g., deer, turkey, pronghorn, prairie chicken, pheasant, quail …etc. 3. nongame (but harvested) animals: e.g., alligator…. 4. non-protected animals: e.g., feral hogs, squirrels, porcupines, rabbits, prairie dogs, weasels…etc. 1. some non-protected animals have specific requirements about take: e.g., bobcat, coyote, armadillo, mountain lion 2. others require license but take is not limited: e.g., bullfrogs, turtles, and snakes 5. exotic animals: e.g., non-native ungulates like axis deer, sika deer, nilgai, blackbuck…etc. 6. furbearing animals: e.g., badger, beaver, mink, muskrat, raccoon, skunk, opossum…etc. 7. endangered, threatened and other protected nongame animals: includes lists of reptiles: e.g., sea turtles, Texas horned lizard, indigo snake, timber rattle snake…etc. , birds: e.g., hawks, owls, eagles, and all other non-game birds like songbirds (a few exceptions - see below) 1. unprotected birds: e.g., starlings, English sparrows, rock doves, blackbirds and grackles, crows and magpies. 8. game fish: e.g., bass, catfish, crappie, shad, sunfish, trout, walleye….etc. 9. nongame fish: e.g., other freshwater fishes 10. saltwater finfish: red drum, striped bass, flounder, mackerel, snapper, shark…etc. 11. crabs & shrimp
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12. other aquatic life (fresh and salt water): e.g., clams etc. 2. such classifications relate to how animals are managed in a state. Being nongame does not necessarily afford the species protection. In fact, many game species are more protected from humans that nongame species are. 2.
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Ch. 19 Study Guide - Ch 19 Study Guide Nongame and...

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