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Ch. 21 Quiz 1. What level(s) of diversity are conservation biologists interested in ? (more than one answer may be correct) A. genetic diversity 0% B. species diversity 0% C. ecosystem diversity 0% D. all of the above 100% E. none of the above 0% 2. Conservation biologists differ from wildlife managers in that: A. Conservation biologists are mostly practical while wildlife managers are mostly theoretical. 0% B. Wildlife managers main goal is to manipulate populations while conservation biologists try to maintain diversity. 100% C. Wildlife managers are mostly in academia while conservation biologists are mostly in state agencies. 0% D. none of the above. 0% 3. The theory of island biogeography predicts that: A. small islands should have more species than large ones. 0% B. patches close to sources (or each other) will have fewer species than patches
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Unformatted text preview: farther away. 0% C. equilibrium number of species is related to patch size and distance from source populations. 100% D. none of the above. 0% 4. The 'rescue effect' is A. successful re-introduction of a species to a habitat. 0% B. immigration that genetically augments effective population size. 100% C. programs that have successfully taken endangered species, like the bald eagle, off the threatened and endangered species list. 0% D. none of the above. 0% 5. Which was NOT given as an example in the text of conservation biologists and wildlife managers working together ? A. spotted owl management in the Pacific Nortwest 0% B. Wolves on Isle Royale Michigan 0% C. genetic bottleneck in the African cheetah 0% D. nest parasitism by brown-headed cowbirds 100% E. all WERE examples used in the text 0%...
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