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Review - 1 was the father of wildlife management Aldo...

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1.----- was the father of wildlife management? Aldo Leopold 100% Equals Aldo Leopold (100%) 2. Wildlife management occurs where _____, _____, and _____ overlap. A. sheep, goats, and cows 0% B. plants, animals, and water 0% C. animals, habitat, and people 100% D. food, water, and cover 0% 3. The Pittman-Robertson Act A. is administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 0% B. is also known as the Federal Aid to Wildlife Restoration Act 0% C. derives revenues from an 11% federal tax on sporting arms and ammunition 0% D. provides dependable financial support for state wildlife management and research 0% E. all of the above 100% 4. In order to receive more than 0.5% of the available federal matching funds through the Pittman-Robertson Act, states must do all the following except : A. pass legislation to prevent hunter fees from being diverted away from the wildlife management agency 0% B. have established plans or programs for the conservation of wildlife in their state 0% C. show they will spend the money to develop public support for wildlife, establish game farms, or conduct wildlife law enforcement 100% D. sell enough hunting licenses 0% 5. Which of the following wildlife species have RECOVERED from near extinction ? 6. To be successful a wildlife manager must: A. be able to communicate with and educate the public about the population status and management objectives 0% B. have technical knowledge to determine species requirements 0% C. understand the current status of the population 0% D. be able to evaluate populations 0% E. a manager must do all of the above 100% 7. The “survival of the fittest” means that: 8. An animals niche is:
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9. Why is there no animal whose niche consists of preying upon mountain lions ? A. aboriginal humans caused them to become extinct during the Pleistocene 0% B. lions are too hard and dangerous to catch 0% C. the 10% rule 100% D. none of the above 0%
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