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Hughes Ch. 2 Reading Study Guide Ch. 2 Neglect and Exploitation - Human activities often produce extensive changes in the populations of other animals that share our planet. In the hope that we might learn from our mistakes, this chapter gives examples of some failures in the human treatment of wildlife 1. In the beginning 1. cultural conditioning in the Western world has promoted the attitude of human dominion over other living things. 2. this view; that wilderness and wild animals were enemies to be conquered or subdued, contrasts sharply with our more modern view; of ourselves as part of an intricate web of life that recognizes links between humans and the environment, including wildlife and its habitats. 3. results of the human dominion attitude include: 1. extirpation of wild animals and their replacement with domestic flocks (history of human civilization) 2. market hunting: North American excesses in wildlife harvest that caused or nearly caused wildlife extinctions. 1. unlimited harvest for food, fur, or plume markets 2. many species, not even considered game species or even valuable foods today, were heavily hunted for restaurants etc. 3. this kind of overhunting was the biggest risk to wildlife population survival in North America through the 1800's 2. Bison: A story of near extinction 1. Bison had dominated the Great Plains of North America with numbers > 60 million animals (for comparison; even larger herds than the African wildebeest) 2. market hunting took a toll
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Ch. 2 Notes - Hughes Ch. 2 Reading Study Guide Ch. 2...

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