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Hughes Ch. 3 Reading Study Guide Ch. 3 Some successes in managing wildlife 1. Restoration of bison 1. Bison populations in North America were almost completely destroyed through over hunting and governmental policies to remove the Native American and colonize the West. 2. Bison were 'saved' through a combination of: 1. public outcry, and legislative protection 2. our National Parks and the New York Zoo 3. careful breeding 3. however, restoration of bison to their previous status as the dominant herbivore of the Great Plains of North America is unlikely to occur, because: 1. open Great Plains habitat no longer exists; farms, ranches etc. are incompatible with free-ranging buffalo herds 2. natural predators of bison no longer exist; buffalo birth rates exceed natural mortality and herds must be managed (culled) 3. adequate food supplies for fenced herds; artificial food supplementation is costly and hunting surplus animals on bison refuges angers publics who are opposed to hunting. 2. Lead poisoning: almost gone 1. Lead poisoning was a disease that once killed 2 million ducks and geese per year. It was caused by animals eating lead shot that accumulated in hunted areas. Lead is toxic in animal digestive systems causing a variety of symptoms leading to death. 2. effective management has greatly reduced the incidence of lead poisoning in U.S. waterfowl populations. The management solution was to regulate
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Ch. 3 Notes - Hughes Ch 3 Reading Study Guide Ch 3 Some...

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