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Hughes Ch. 5 Reading Study Guide Ch. 5 Population ecology This chapter deals with some of the important tools wildlife managers use to evaluate and manage wildlife populations. Some of the most complex concepts presented in this text appear in this chapter. We will spend some time to ensure that you understand them because we will want to synthesize and use these principles later in the class. Population ecology is one of two (population and systems ecology) branches that has grown rapidly with mathematical modeling since the 1960's. 1. Some definitions 1. population a group of organisms, usually of the same species, occupying a defined area during a specific time. 2. populations have characteristics beyond those of individuals 1. density number/unit area 1. individuals might be dense but populations can be described by density. 2. birth and death rates 1. individual is born or dies only once. The number born/female or dying/year etc. are rates that populations have. 3. sex and age structure 1. an individual is either male or female and can only be 1 age class at a time. A population consists of many individuals some proportion of which are male, female, specific age classes. 4. social structure 1. individuals are either dominant or subordinate. Populations have complex social structures resulting from the interactions between individuals. 5. These characteristics are important determinants of population status (growth, decline, stability). 2.
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Ch. 5 Notes - Hughes Ch. 5 Reading Study Guide Ch. 5...

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