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Hughes Ch. 1 1. Wildlife includes A. 'higher' animals that are game species 0% B. all vertebrate life 0% C. fish, amphibians, and reptiles that are not endangered species 0% D. plants and animals that are not cultivated or domesticated 100% E. all plants and animals 0% Not all animals because domesticated animals or captive animals would not be considered wildlife 2. Fishes were separated, in name, from other wildlife A. none of the above 0% B. because fish are harvested commercially 0% C. because they live in water 0% D. by president Reagans' political decision 0% E. because 2 existing agencies were combined to form the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 100% 3. Wildlife management is now defined as: A. the application of ecological knowledge to populations of vertebrate animals and their plant and animal associates in a manner that strikes a balance between the needs of those populations and the needs of people 100% B. none of the above 0% C. the art of producing sustained crops of game for recreational use
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