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Hughes Ch. 2 1. Which of the following forces has caused the most documented wildlife extinctions in North America A. sport hunting 0% B. habitat loss 0% C. new technologies (e.g., railroad, telegraph) 0% D. market hunting 100% E. none of the above 0% 2. Which is NOT something that has happened when deer populations were protected from hunting ? A. deer population grows dramatically (irruption) and then crashes 0% B. predator populations grow 0% C. deer food plants decline from overuse 0% D. plant community changes resulting in dominance by species that are not palatable to deer 0% E. public opinion impedes managers from making appropriate decisions 0% F. all of the above have happened 100% 3. Which of the following things can create situations where there are too many animals
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Unformatted text preview: for the environment to support, which can lead to population crashes. A. introducing a species to a new environment 0% B. removing predators or competitors from environment 0% C. concentrated winter roost sites around feed lots 0% D. all of the above 100% E. a and b only 0% 4. Which of the following wildlife species have recovered from near extinction A. wood duck 100% B. Carolina parakeet 0% C. California condor 0% NO not recovered D. black-footed ferret 0% E. passenger pigeon 0% 5. Which of the following wildlife species are NOT extinct (More than one answer may be correct) A. Labrador duck 0% B. Carolina parakeet 0% C. passenger pigeon 0% D. American bison 50% E. Kirtland's warbler 50%...
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