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Hughes Ch. 3 1. Which of the following have recovered from near extinction to the healthy population levels desired by the public. (more than one answer may be correct) A. black-footed ferret 0% B. bison 34% has recovered though not as numerous as once was C. wood duck 33% has recovered D. pronghorn antelope 33% E. all of the above 0% 2. wild mammal populations in North America have recovered from critical lows in the 1800's because: A. they have been managed 0% B. hunting was regulated 0% C. re-introduction programs were successful 0% D. limiting factors for populations were identified and monitored 0% E. all of the above were necessary 100% 3. Steel shot effectively ended problems with lead poisoning because A. steel shot is more effective for killing ducks than lead shot in shot gun shells. 0% B. steel shot does not cause the kinds of poisoning symptoms that lead shot does.
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Unformatted text preview: 100% C. crippling losses are higher with lead shot. 0% D. waterfowl cannot eat poisonous lead pellets even when water levels are extremely low. 0% 4. wild turkeys successfully recovered from near extinction because managers did the following: A. protected turkeys from over hunting 0% B. improved roosting, nesting, and brood habitats 0% C. re-stocked with wild reared birds 0% D. regulated hunting 0% E. none of the above were sufficient by themselves 100% 5. To be successful a wildlife manager must: A. have technical knowledge to determine species requirements 0% B. be able to evaluate populations 0% C. understand the current status of the population 0% D. be able to communicate with and educate the public about the population status and management objectives. 0% E. a manager must do all of the above 100%...
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