Quiz Ch 4 - A wildlife species are adapted to specific successional stages 0 B management is necessary to provide successional stages required by

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Hughes Ch. 4 1. Why is there no animal whose niche consists of preying upon mountain lions ? A. aboriginal humans caused them to become extinct during the Pleistocene 0% B. the 10% rule 100% C. lions are too hard and dangerous to catch 0% D. none of the above 0% 2. The niche concept is important in wildlife management because: A. each species is adapted to use habitats in a particular way 0% B. 2 species cannot occupy the same niche 0% C. changes in community composition (or structure) can push conditions for individuals or populations beyond the range of tolerance, even though no change occurred to the habitat 0% D. all of the above. 100% 3. Global spatial patterns of plant-animal communities A. are classified as biomes 0% B. are determined by temperature and precipitation 0% C. are affected by topography 0% D. all of the above 100% 4. Succession is one of the more important concepts in wildlife management because:
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Unformatted text preview: A. wildlife species are adapted to specific successional stages 0% B. management is necessary to provide successional stages required by some wildlife species 0% C. succession progresses fairly predictably from pioneer early mid climax stages 0% D. much of wildlife management deals with ways of manipulating habitat for the benefit of a selected species. 0% E. all of the above. 100% 5. We need to know a species range of tolerance because: A. if we try to introduce an organism into an environment outside its' range of tolerance it will die 0% B. we can introduce organisms into environments where they don't immediately die but they still may not live long enough to survive and reproduce successfully 0% C. we may be able to introduce organisms into areas where they can survive and reproduce but we may still be unable to get a population of them to persist there 0% D. all of the above. 100%...
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