Quiz Ch. 5 - Hughes Ch 5 1 In which of the following...

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Hughes Ch. 5 1. In which of the following situations would the mortality NOT be considered compensatory: A. mortality from predation increases, but the total mortality rate stays the same because fewer animals die from disease 0% B. 100 animals are harvested by hunting which results in 100 fewer animals dying of starvation 0% C. the effects of 1 mortality factor are largely replaced by the effects of some other mortality factor 0% D. an animal that is taken by hunting cannot die from starvation 100% E. all ARE compensatory 0% 2. Which of the following provides sufficient information to meet our definition of a wildlife population A. all the cattle on the 6666 ranch 0% B. the mule deer in the Panhandle of Texas 0% C. the robins on your block this year 100% D. the white-tailed deer in the Matador Wildlife Management Area 0% E. none of the above 0% 3. Which is incorrect: A. r = maximum potential growth rate 0% B. (DELTA) N = change in number 0% C. (DELTA) t = change in time 0% D. K = maximum number of individuals that can be sustained
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Quiz Ch. 5 - Hughes Ch 5 1 In which of the following...

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