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Quiz Ch. 6 - overexploited while temporarily under 1...

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Hughes Ch. 6 1. Habitat selection by animals A. is instinctive but can be modified by early learning 100% B. is an innate trait 0% C. is a learned trait 0% D. makes evolutionary sense 0% 2. Which is (are) in the correct order (from smallest to largest) A. flight distance, radius of mobility, migration route 0% B. home range, territory, species distribution 0% C. flight distance, territory, home range, geographic range 100% D. none of the above 0% 3. which BEST defines migration 4. Migratory species require special management considerations because:
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Unformatted text preview: overexploited while temporarily under 1 jurisdiction 0% D. management requires a high degree of cooperation between management units 0% E. all of the above 100% 5. Territory differs from home range because: A. an animals' territory is larger than its' home range 0% B. territory includes all the resources an animal needs to survive and reproduce successfully 0% C. an animals' territory is the area or resources it defends 100% D. all of the above 0% 6. Knowledge of animal behaviors is important in wildlife management because: A. some species have behavioral adaptations that need specific environmental cues that they get from their habitats 0% B. behaviors are often keyed to the animals physiological status and can tell the wildlife biologist about the condition of the population 0% C. wildlife biologists can take advantage of animal behaviors to detect and count them more easily 0% D. all of the above 100%...
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