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Ch. 10 Reading Notes Summary: Hunting and trapping, once regarded as essential human activities, persist as recreational pursuits in modern societies; more than 15 million men and women hunt in Canada and the United States. Opposition to hunting and trapping has grown in recent years in response to humanistic and moralistic viewpoints. Hunters view their sport from a utilitarian, dominionistic, and naturalistic standpoint. Regulated sport hunting has not endangered any species with extinction. Because wildlife harvest probably will continue, management should adopt a strategy of optimum yield , which considers ecological, social and economic factors as well as consumption of the resource. Biologists are testing a new strategy, adaptive harvest management, as a means of regulating waterfowl harvests. Ecological theory suggests that maximum harvest may be attained by trimming a
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Unformatted text preview: population to half of carrying capacity. In practice, however, harvests are set conservatively, and the game populations are monitored to determine the impact of hunting regulations. Champions of animal rights particularly question the morality of trapping because of the suffering experienced by trapped animals. Trapping has been outlawed in a few of the United States. However, a strong program of trapping management has evolved in Ontario. Humane trap designs, trapper education, and strict enforcement of trapping regulations may achieve biological goals and improve ethical standards. Management of hunting and trapping today involves the management of controversy. Some degree of mutual understanding will occur when antagonists understand that both consumptive and non-consumptive users of wildlife share a common goal: the welfare of animal populations....
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