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Ch. 12 Quiz - 0 B some species require plants that grow...

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Ch. 12 Quiz 1. Desertification refers to: (more than one answer may be correct) A. extension of desert-like conditions due to climate change 0% B. spread of desert conditions in arid and semi-arid lands caused by overuse of resources with low carrying capacities 50% C. symptoms of salinization of soil & water, degradation of native vegetation, high rates of soil erosion in arid and semi-arid lands 50% D. having that extra piece of cheesecake after dinner 0% E. none of the above 0% 2. Wildlife distributions are affected by soil characteristics in the following manner A. soil texture and type limit the range of fossorial animals
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Unformatted text preview: 0% B. some species require plants that grow only on specific soil types. 0% C. productivity of soils affects the kinds and numbers of wildlife the land can support D. carrying capacity is related to soil productivity. 0% E. all of the above 100% 3. Pocket gophers, moles, and earthworms are all: A. fossorial 100% B. cursorial 0% C. saltatorial 0% D. arboreal 0% 4. Wildlife can affect soils by A. Adding organic matter 0% B. Compacting soil surfaces 0% C. altering vegetation that plays a role in soil genesis 0% D. enhancing erosion 0% E. all of the above 100%...
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