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Ch. 13 Notes - Reading Study Guide Ch 13 Wildlife and...

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Reading Study Guide Ch. 13 Wildlife and Farmlands 1. Agriculture: a brief history 1. 4 Agricultural Revolutions 1. @10,000 ybp Neolithic Age - wild plants and then some wild animals became domesticated. People were no longer nomadic hunter-gatherers, they became settled farmers. 2. 1400's Period of Exploration and Discovery - worldwide exchange of crop plants, domestic animals, and human-commensal animals. 3. 1900's Industrial Revolution - brought the use of steam power fossil fuels and farm mechanization. Changed the nature of farming to large scale Agri-business, monocultures. 4. Today Technological Revolution - advances in chemistry and genetics brought extensive use of Agricultural chemicals and the genetic manipulation to produce resistant productive strains of crop plants. 2. What's happened to farms and farmland ? 1. Historical overview in North America 1. initial conversion of native ecosystems (forest-grassland) to farmland changed the numbers and kinds of wildlife associated with the land. Good for agricultural 'edge' species like bobwhite, pheasants… 2. gradual reversion of abandoned family farms 1930's + led to old field succession good for white-tailed deer and other mid- successional species. Continued succession towards climax led to decline in mid-successional habitats. 3. mechanization - led to broad scale changes and 'clean farming' with large monocultures less edge (less interspersion) and little to no cover from fencerows etc. 1.
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Ch. 13 Notes - Reading Study Guide Ch 13 Wildlife and...

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