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Ch. 14 Quiz - 100 C shrubs burn better than grass& forbs...

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Ch. 14 Quiz 1. An Animal Unit is A. the amount of forage that 1 cow and 1 calf (454kg) eat 100% B. a herd of > 100 animals of the same species 0% C. a standard means to compare grazing animals to non-grazers 0% D. the weight of 1 cow and 1 calf (454kg) 0% 2. Which of the following is a mechanical brush control technique A. aerial application of diazinon 0% B. chaining 100% C. roller-beating 0% D. none of the above 100% E. root-pulling 0% 3. Fire is an effective tool for controlling many shrub species because: A. shrubs have fine fuels perfect for carrying a fire through the area 0% B. shrubs have growing tissues that are more exposed and more susceptible to fires than are grasses
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Unformatted text preview: 100% C. shrubs burn better than grass & forbs 0% 4. Grasses can survive grazing better than forbs because: A. grasses have an apical meristem 0% B. forbs put fewer resources into reproductive tissues 0% C. forbs do not have an apical meristem 0% D. grasses have less highly digestible cellulose in their tissues 0% E. none of the above 100% 5. On a range that has received heavy grazing pressure for years (often overused), I should expect to see: A. many decreasers, few increasers, and many invaders 0% B. some invaders, many increasers, and few decreasers 100% C. many decreasers, some increasers, and few invaders 0% D. many decreasers, some invaders, and few increasers 0%...
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