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Ch. 15 Notes - Reading Study Guide Ch 15 Forest Management...

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Reading Study Guide Ch. 15 Forest Management and Wildlife Abundance of wildlife in woodlands depends upon quantity and quality of food and cover available for the needs of various kinds of animals, conditions which depend largely on the way forests are managed. 1. Forest management history 1. Prior to 1900 - there was no real forest management. North American forests were exploited then loggers moved on. 2. 1891 to the early 1900's - forest conservation began. Lands were set aside as federal reserves before they could be logged 1. beginning of academically trained professional forest managers: Leopold, Pinchot etc. 2. National Forests were established under U.S. Dep. Agric. with Gifford Pinchot as the first director of the U.S. forest Service. 3. 1950-1970's brought concepts of sustained yield of forest timber products and multiple-use (timber, wildlife, recreation, grazing, water) of forest resources. Good timber management ~ good wildlife management. 4. Changing public needs for forest resources has changed the way they are managed - more intensively to meet growing demands for timber, wildlife, recreation, grazing, water - no longer just good timber management = good wildlife management. 2. Some basics of forest management 1. even-aged vs. uneven-aged forest management 1. has to do with management that creates a stand of trees that are all about the same age and size (even-aged) or management that creates groups of many different age-size classes within a stand of trees. 2. See comparisons Table 15-2. 2. Terms: 1. clearcut - removal of all trees from an area 2. selection cuts - removal of only some selected trees from an area 1. shelterwood cut - leave several large trees to provide shade for developing seedlings. Large trees removed later after seedlings establish. 2.
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Ch. 15 Notes - Reading Study Guide Ch 15 Forest Management...

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