Syllabus 3307 Spring 2010

Syllabus 3307 Spring 2010 - Texas Tech University CASNR NRM...

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Texas Tech University CASNR NRM NRM 3307 Spring 2010 PRINCIPLES OF CONSERVATION SCIENCE Course Credit Hours: 3 Instructor: Dr. Gad Perry Course Lecture Hours: 3 Office: Goddard 202 Course Laboratory Hours: 0 E-mail : [email protected] Class Meeting Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00-12:20 Class Meeting Location: BIOL 106 Required Texts: 1) Principles of Conservation Biology, 3rd edition. M.J. Groom et al. Sinauer Associates, 2005. (Available for purchase at the Texas Tech University Bookstore.); 2) There’s a hair in my dirt: a worm’s story. G. Larson. 1998. HarperCollins (on reserve). Course Description : Conservation biology is a relatively new discipline focusing on preservation of biodiversity. This advanced course covers the theory and practice of conservation biology. We will survey material from the variety of disciplines important in conservation practice, including ecology, evolution, economics, philosophy, and the social sciences. Course Goals/Objecti ves and evaluation : This course will (a) provide advanced theoretical knowledge of modern conservation biology, (b) introduce students to sample local and global conservation case studies, and (c) demonstrate the diversity, complexity, and importance of the field. Lectures will assume that you have a working knowledge of the basics of genetics and ecology. If you have not taken these classes, this class may not be appropriate for you. Evaluation of goal achievement will be based on a combination of tests, quizzes, in-class participation, questions raised during office hours, a writing assignment, and ungraded pre- and post-class tests. Teaching philosophy : Education is a collaborative project between the student and the teacher. My part of the bargain : Be knowledgeable, informative, and whenever possible, exciting and relevant to your interests and needs. Focus on skills and concepts, not just memorization. Be available for out-of-class discussions. Your part of the bargain : Take advantage of this opportunity. Attend lectures, arrive on time, and participate in a respectful manner. Carry out assignments in a timely manner. Allow yourself to be intellectually challenged, and do not be afraid to express yourself. Feel free to discuss interests and concerns outside of class. Disability and special needs
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This note was uploaded on 11/14/2010 for the course NRM 3307 taught by Professor Rogowski during the Spring '10 term at Texas Tech.

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Syllabus 3307 Spring 2010 - Texas Tech University CASNR NRM...

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