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These personal connections that zoos allow society to make and the education resources they provide them will help to shape societies overall view of conservation and hopefully encourage support of conservation laws and programs. Many zoos put up signs and have whole exhibits dedicated to awareness about wildlife conservation making the issue more accessible and understandable to the general public. By having the opportunity to interact with threatened or endangered species in zoos, patrons will hopefully become more concerned about the conservation of wildlife. One of the most important educational aspects of zoos today is that they have “functional divisions that provide relevant information and first-hand experience to school-children, things that are otherwise not offered in the school classroom” The main focus of zoos today is conservation of wildlife, especially threatened and endangered species, and they are starting to focus more and more on having successful reintroduction programs.
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Unformatted text preview: Zoos are the main source of education about threatened and endangered species, and wildlife conservation in general for the mass public. They have the advantage of still being entertainment institutions which draw in the public and gives them the opportunity to learn about wildlife conservation that they might not otherwise have. The modern role of zoos is to be successful institutions for wildlife conservation. The conservation practices that most zoos follow now fall into two categories, ex situ conservation and in situ conservation. Ex situ conservation is the process of protecting endangered species outside of their natural habitat, as in the case with zoos and includes captive breeding processes in zoos. In situ conservation is the process of protecting endangered species within their natural habitat, and includes zoo reintroduction and habitat protection programs....
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