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exam 1 outline - BMGT484 EXAM 1 OUTLINE THE INTERNET AND...

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BMGT484 EXAM 1 OUTLINE THE INTERNET AND WWW: FOUNDATIONS The Long Tail: a large number of products with low sales volume can collectively make up a sizable market o Ex: Netflix and Blockbuster Internet: an interconnected network of thousands of networks and millions of computers (aka “hosts”) World Wide Web: one of the internet’s most popular services, providing access to over 8 billion web pages HISTORY OF THE INTERNET: o Innovation Phase (1961-1974) Military funding DOD contributed $1 million to help develop the internet into a robust military communication system that could withstand nuclear war created ARPAnet Original purpose of the internet was to link large mainframe computer on different college campuses (UCLA_UCSB-Stanford-Utah) Ray Tomlinson : invented e-mail in 1971 First email was said to be something LIKE “qwertyuiop” o Institutional Phase (1975-1995) First personal computers made by Altair, Apple, and IBM 1986: NSF assumed responsibility for development of civilian internet Internet was used primarily by universities, libraries, and government o Commercialization Phase (1995-present) 1995: the first fully commercial civilian internet is born Network Solutions is given a monopoly to assign internet addresses 1998: governance over domain names and addresses passes to a private nonprofit international organization (ICANN) Sir Tim Berners Lee: worldwide web founder o Made a transition from HTML to Internet WWW o Director of the WWW Consortium (oversees WWW continued development) o Holder of the 3Com Founders Chair at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory o Was banned from the computer lab for hacking while a student at Oxford WWW CORE TECHNOLOGIES: URL (Uniform Resource Locator) o http:// (1) Protocol : the first set of letters at the start of every web address How computers talk to each other o www.rhsmith.umd.edu/ (2) Domain name : specifies the organization’s server computer that is housing the document IP address expressed in natural language o about/visitors.aspx (3) Resource location on server Requests specific file HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
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Domain Name VS URL DOMAIN NAME: the IP address expressed in natural language o EX: www.rhsmith.umd.edu = IP address of URL: the address used by a web browser to identify the location of content on the www WEB BROWSERS: 1993: Marc Anderseen and Eric Bina create first graphical web browser called Mosaic They move to California and launch Netscape Inc. : the first commercial web browser o Mozilla/Netscape becomes available 1995: Netscape goes public and Microsoft enters web browser market by licensing Spyglass Mosaic code and building Internet Explorer Browser Wars: Internet Explorer integration with Windows 2004: Open source Mozilla Firefox released in 2004 Timeline: o
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exam 1 outline - BMGT484 EXAM 1 OUTLINE THE INTERNET AND...

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