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Harms Study Guide for Final - Study Guide for final BMGT...

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Study Guide for final BMGT 498B - Fall 2009 Be prepared to give me 20 words that you could use instead of the word 'GREAT' in marketing communications that would have a similar meaning while instilling trustworthiness towards the company in the consumer's mind Dignified, Distinguished, famed, glorious, illustrious, impressive, leading, outstanding, principal, prominent, remarkable, superior, sublime, awesome, exceptional, fantastic, first-class, first-rate, marvelous, terrific, tremendous, wonderful, brilliant, superb, excellent, exquisite, praiseworthy Be prepared to write a short essay question on why the Apple iPod has become the quintessential modern-day business icon. References to the book Do You Mattter? will be appreciated. Design matters…Apple matters. Apple has built a design driven culture that knows how to connect with its customers in a deeply emotional way. Apple products are portals to an amazing menu of continuing experiences that matter to a lot of us. Apple became brilliant at using design to provide an amazing customer experience. This should be the reason why anybody cares about design in the first place. Apple asks, “What is the design experience we want?” They then do whatever it takes with their system to get it out the other end. This is why Apple has been successful at revolutionizing retail store design using an interactive approach when both Gateway and Dell have failed to do so. Neither companies could replicate the Apple experience
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This note was uploaded on 11/14/2010 for the course BMGT 498B taught by Professor Harms during the Fall '09 term at Maryland.

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Harms Study Guide for Final - Study Guide for final BMGT...

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