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Quiz52010 - Math 16A(Summer 2010 Kouba Quiz 5 PRINT Name...

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Unformatted text preview: Math 16A (Summer 2010) Kouba Quiz 5 PRINT Name : _____________________________________________________________ Exam ID # : ____________ 1.) (20 pts.) For the following function f determine all absolute and relative maximum and minimum values, inflection points, and x— and y—intercepts. State clearly the open intervals for which f is increasing (T), decreasing (i), concave up (U), and concave down (fl). Neatly sketch the graph of f. f(:1:) 2 13(23 — 3)2 on the interval [—1, 5] 2w 2.) (5 pts. each) Let 10(33): _ a.) Use limits to determine equation(s) for all horizontal asymptotes. b.) Use limits to determine equati0n(s) for all vertical asymptotes. 3.) (10 pts.) Let f(:1:) = cosa: — x/gsinm. Solve f”(ac) = 0 for 3:, 0 S :1: S 27r. 4.) (10 pts.) Let f (:13) = 6331/3 —- {I}. Set up a sign chart for the first derivative, f’. Indicate the open intervals on which f is (T) and (i) ...
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