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HW2 - the electron 5.The pores in zeolite catalysts are so...

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1.A certain lamp emits blue light of wavelength 350 nm. How many photons does it emit each second if its powers is (a)1.00W (b)100W 2.A diffraction experiment requires the use of electrons of wavelength 550pm.Calculate the velocity of the electrons. 3.Calculate the linear momentum of photons of wavelength (a)725nm,(b)75pm 4.In an X-ray photoelectron experiment, a photon of wavelength 150pm ejects an electron from the inner shell of an atom and it emerges with a speed of 2.24*10 7 ms -1 .Calculate the binding energy of
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Unformatted text preview: the electron 5.The pores in zeolite catalysts are so small that quantum mechanical effects on the distribution of atoms and molecules within them can be significant. Calculate the location in a box of length L at which the probability of a particle being found is 50 per cent of its maximum probability when n=1 6.A certain wavefunction is zero everywhere except between x=0 and x=L, where it has the constant value A. Normalize the wavefunction....
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