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Computer “Performance” Readings: 1.4-1.6 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second) vs. MHz (Million Cycles Per Second) Throughput (jobs/seconds) vs. Latency (time to complete a job) Measuring “best” in a computer The PowerBook G4 outguns Pentium 3.0 GHz Pt i 4 Hyper Pipelined 57 III-based notebooks by up to 30 percent.* * Based on Adobe Photoshop tests comparing a 500MHz PowerBook G4 to 850MHz Pentium III-based portable computers Pentium 4 Technology Performance Example: Homebuilders Builder Time per House Houses Per Month House Options Dollars Per House Self-build 24 months 1/24 Infinite $200,000 Contractor 3 months 1 100 $400,000 Which is the “best” home builder? Homeowner on a budget? Rebuilding Haiti? Prefab 6 months 1,000 1 $250,000 58 Creating a new housing development? Which is the “speediest” builder? Latency: how fast is one house built? Throughput: how long will it take to build a large number of houses?
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Computer Performance Primary goal: execution time (time from program start to program completion) To compare machines, we say “X is n times faster than Y” ime ExecutionT e Performanc 1 = Example: Machine Orange and Grape run a program
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04_Performance - Computer Performance Readings 1.4-1.6...

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