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EE 471 – Computer Design and Organization HW #1 – Due 12 October 2010 1.) Pseudo-instructions are not part of the MIPS instruction set but often appear in MIPS programs. The assembler then has to convert them into a small set of real MIPS instructions. For each of the following instructions, convert them to an equivalent (VERY short) set of real MIPS instructions. If you need a temporary variable, use $at (that’s what it is for). You will probably also want to read about the LUI (load upper immediate) instruction from Appendix B in the book. Pseudo-instruction What it accomplishes li $t1, big $t1 = big (note: solved below) clear $t0 $t0 = 0 beq $t1, small, L if ($t1 = small) go to L beq $t1, big, L if ($t1 = big) go to L bgt $t3, $t4, L if ($t3 > $t4) go to L lw $t5, big($t2) $t5 = Memory[$t2+big] Note that “small” is a constant that fits in 16 bits (i.e. small enough for the
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Unformatted text preview: immediate field of an instruction), and “big” is a constant that is 32 bits (i.e. too long for the immediate field). If you need to access a portion of the constant, you can do that. For example, to implement “li $t2, big”, you would write: lui $at, big[31:16] # $at’s top 16 bits set properly ori $t2, $at, big[15:0] # $t2’s bottom 16 bits also set 2.) (C to MIPS) Exercise 2.19.1 for code segment (b). Assume a is in $a0, b in $a1, n in $a2, and the result should go into $v0. You may change the values in any of these registers. Note that to implement the subroutine call by simply jumping to the top of your code, but with the arguments updated appropriately. To end your program, call “jr $ra” to return to the subroutine caller. Shorter and faster programs will be given more credit....
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