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Dual Credit Discussion Board Questions: Writing Classes, Part 1 Overview Solve the exercises found at the end of this document, and submit them by the deadline. The correct responses will appear on the Discussion Board Questions: Writing Classes, Part 1 board, which is part of the next lesson. Your score depends on how quickly you can identify and explain the correct answer in comparison to the other students in your group. The first respondent gets the maximum number of points; all others who offer correct answers before time runs out get the normal number of points. Students who do not offer responses before time runs out receive no points. If there are near-simultaneous correct answers, all of these respondents will receive credit. The answers of the first student to correctly respond will appear on the discussion board once the correct answers are published. If no student gives the correct answers, the Instructional Assistant will publish the solutions. 2010 Lamar University
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COSC_1336_DiscussionBoardQuestions_09_WritingClasses1[1] -...

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