alkaloids - walking down your local streets that contain...

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Osahon Ekhator Emanuel Emahazion Final Paper Professor Arthur Shapiro Alkaloids The Alkaloid is an ancient tool used by many of people throughout history. In ancient times it was a wonder because of the effects it had on the mental. People would hallucinate, and see things out of the imaginable. This tool eventually became a regular in rituals and ceremonies of religious types. Because of the psychedelic effect it had, it was heavily used by witch doctors, shaman, and priests. Alkaloids are essentially chemical compounds, but naturally occurring. They are so common that in ancient times they were popular. They are very commonly found in plants and for that reason it is so accessible and convenient. Alkaloids from plants include the narcotic drugs opium, morphine, and peyote. There are very common looking plants you can find just by
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Unformatted text preview: walking down your local streets that contain alkaloids. They are very common and can be lethal when taken at very high doses. Currently, for medical purposes, alkaloids have helped develop medicines for pain relieving purposes. Alkaloids are now serving a different purpose nowadays, unlike the ancient times where it was for the psychedelic effect solely. It is naturally a gift from the earth that has produced with out human influence. We as human beings stumbled upon this gift and have used it for different purposes throughout times, but no matter what the reason was, it was very effect in its purpose and nothing synthetic has worked better with out side effects, unlike our natural alkaloids....
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alkaloids - walking down your local streets that contain...

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