Consumer Alert-Why Consumer Education

Consumer Alert-Why Consumer Education - WHY CONSUMER...

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WHY CONSUMER EDUCATION? “Consumer’ business is everybody’s business” T he Jamaican market-place has changed markedly in recent times; the world market- place has also changed dramatically and there is every reason to believe that the dynamic situation which we are witnessing will continue. We in Jamaica are now committed to a market-driven economy with Government playing the role of facilitator rather than being an active player in Business and Commerce. Those prices which were set by Government are now more and more being set by the sellers of goods and services. Trade barriers which were in place not too long ago have substantially been dismantled. As a result, the Jamaican consumer now sees a wider array of goods from which he can choose. No longer is he seeing only the brands to which he was accustomed but also brands and sometimes goods unfamiliar to him. New ways of doing business are emerging on the Jamaican scene - electronic banking, credit cards, messages by facsimile etc. The changes in the marketplace within and outside of Jamaica, along with the openness of the Jamaican economy, all together result in posing real challenges for the Jamaican consumer. Consumer education has always been important, but now more than ever it becomes a critical factor for consumer survival. The Jamaican consumer of the 21 st Century, if he is to function effectively must be: - aware of his rights and responsibilities knowledgeable about the products and services available able to make informed decisions which reflect his values, goals and priorities and able to actively participate as a consumer citizen and influence the shape of the marketplace The Consumer Affairs Commission provides the information and advice critical for the
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Consumer Alert-Why Consumer Education - WHY CONSUMER...

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