Cults 9-20-07 - • Invulnerable to criticism •...

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ISS 210 Cults 9/20/2007 9/20/20079/20/2007 Introduction - Cults: “Religious” innovation disconnected from surrounding institutions. - Sect: Religious innovation as a logical derivation of surrounding intuitions. (Jews?) Characteristics - Centralized (focused) extremes - Cohesion: (the only different between cults and social control is cohesion) All those forces that tent to bring people together into a group (And interpersonal attachment). o Cohesion/ solidarity  Shared Beliefs - Ideology: belief system, a shared conception o Features enhancing cohesion Deterministic, all encompassing system that can admit alternative truth Untestable: can only be validated by adopting correct perspective prior acceptance of basic remises Utopian visions are highly acceptable generalities
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Unformatted text preview: • Invulnerable to criticism • Justifications for concrete programs • Resistance is defined as standing in the way of achievement Totalitarian: Self contained eliminating divergence • Dichotomized (dualistic) worldview: (split into 2) lack of ambiguity o Objective truth is obtainable o Lack of support: total rejection o Complete outspoken acceptance produces safety: Contamination by incorrect notions re-education/ enlightment. ISS 210 Cults 9/20/2007 9/20/20079/20/2007-Social (normative) Control-Leadership/ Power Understanding-Searching for meaning (bonded relations) o Attachment o Belief o Commitment o Involvement-Structural Attributes-Dynamic Group Process-Vulnerability (f) Disruption uncertainty...
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Cults 9-20-07 - • Invulnerable to criticism •...

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