tute2 - Tutorial 2 (Macroeconomics): Measuring National...

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Tutorial 2 (Macroeconomics): Measuring National Output and National Income 1) Answer Parts (a) through (g) using the information in Figue 2.1 describing the Macrovian economy. Quantities are given in millions of Macrovian dollars (M$). (a) Calculate gross private investment. (b) Calculate Macrovian GDP. (c) Calculate gross national product (GNP). (d) Calculate net national product (NNP). (e) Calculate national income. (f) Calculate personal income. (g) Calculate disposable personal income. Figure 2.1 Gross private domestic investment 586.1 Inventory investment -30.9 Compensation of employees 5,178.6 Corporate taxes 215.9 Macrovian exports of goods and services 380.4 Depreciation 643.5 Personal taxes 600.0 Personal consumption expenditures 3,514.8 Government purchases of goods and services 1,589.7 Indirect business taxes minus subsidies 489.6 Net factor payments to the rest of the world -17.3 Residential construction 453.7 Corporate profits minus dividends 45.7 Government transfer payments and interest
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tute2 - Tutorial 2 (Macroeconomics): Measuring National...

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