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Unformatted text preview: t x4+y4=z4. Therefore, (D) For all integers n>2: there are no positive integers x, y and z such that xn+yn=zn. Claim 3: If S knows p; p entails q; and S directly infers q from p; S can know q even if she does not know that p entails q (see Moral Epistemology, p. 105). Lily’s Crawl (E) If a solution turns my blue litmus paper red, then it is acidic. (F) This solution turns my blue litmus paper red. Therefore, (G) This solution is acidic. Conclusion: Copperfield’s knowing (1) and directly inferring (2) from are not themselves conceptually sufficient for his knowing (2). But he needn’t know that (1) entails (2) to know (2) on the basis of (1). 3. Skeptical Challenge How would Copperfield react to someone who challenged the validity of his inference? Copperfield says, “If I’m right that Creakle enjoyed causing us boys to suffer, and I’m right that he singled out the chubby boys for special attention, well then of course he acted in a mean, unfair, and hence immoral fashion. This much is obvious.” (1) Creakle en...
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