PopulusExercise2 - EEMB 120 POPULUS EXERCISE ON STAGE...

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EEMB 120: POPULUS EXERCISE ON STAGE STRUCTURED MODELS Stage Structured Model In this exercise you will be using the demographic model presented in Fujiwara and Caswell, 2001, “Demography of the endangered North Atlantic right whale” to explore stage-structured population models and attempt some of the analysis used in the paper through Populus. In Populus, open a new model for Stage-Structured Growth under the Single-Species Dynamics menu option. Click on Projection Matrix to begin editing the model. Figure 3 in the paper provides the survival probabilities observed for the right whales. You will be modeling females. Note that the model given in figure 3 includes stage 5 for dead individuals. Populus does not allow you to enter information for the death stage, so you need to set the number of stages to 4. 1. Use the transition probabilities in Figure 3 to set up your matrix. The Methods section at the end of the paper shows where each transition probability goes. Hint: p 21 (t) means the probably of getting to stage 2 from stage 1. You can check the life cycle graph to
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PopulusExercise2 - EEMB 120 POPULUS EXERCISE ON STAGE...

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