SQ1Key-1 - MCDB 112 F10 STUDY QUESTIONS #1 KEY 1. If the...

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MCDB 112 F10 STUDY QUESTIONS #1 KEY 1. If the embryo’s own genome is “silent” it means that there little if any transcription occurring. The embryo is able to undergo cell division by using maternal mRNA or maternal proteins that were packaged into the oocyte during oogenesis. 2. An animal is triploblastic if it contains three germ layers. These germ layers include the ectoderm, endoderm, and mesoderm. 3. Hypothesis: The FFT gene product is mediating lymph tissue cell fate. Necessity test: Get rid of FFT gene products and see if lymph tissue still develops. Hypothesis predicts lymph tissue won't form. Sufficiency test: Cause FFT gene products to be present in cells that never become lymph tissue. Hypothesis predicts these cells will form lymph tissue. 4. There are two steps. The first is SPECIFICATION and the second is DETERMINATION. A cell is specified if it is able to take on its normal fate even when removed from the embryo and placed in a neutral environment. However, this specification is reversible – if placed in a different part of the embryo and exposed to alternative fate signals, the cell can take on a different fate than normal. A cell is determined when it takes on ts normal fate in isolation as well as in the presence of other signals – the fate commitment is irreversible. 5. Autonomous cell fate specification occurs via cytoplasmic determinants; no outside information is required. Conditional cell fate specification requires interaction with neighboring cells to become a specific cell type – extrinsic cues are required. Experiment (with comments; so much depends on timing !) – remove a blastomere from an embryo. If the blastomere gives rise to the same fate in isolation that it would take on in the normal embryo, then we know that it has already been specified at the time of isolation (this does not tell you, however, if it autonomous or conditional at this
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SQ1Key-1 - MCDB 112 F10 STUDY QUESTIONS #1 KEY 1. If the...

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