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Sample questions for EEMB 120 Midterm 1 1. (11 points) You are studying a metapopulation of rare shrubs that live in abandoned old fields, where each field is separated by dense forest unsuitable for shrub growth. On an annual basis, shrub populations go extinct with a probability 0.045, and the number of fields colonized per occupied field is 0.05. You decide to model shrub metapopulation dynamics with the following equation: mp p cp dt dp ) 1 ( A. If the system is at its equilibrium, what is the fraction of the fields that have shrub populations? (4 pts) B. You are approached by farmers who want to return as much of the abandoned fields as possible to agriculture, without eliminating the rare shrub. Up to what proportion of the fields can they eliminate? (Assume the fraction of destroyed patches enters into the above equation in the same way as it did in lecture) (4 pts) C. Subsequent research shows that all of the shrub populations are actually sink populations, being colonized from a very large source population outside of the study area. Is this good news for the farmers? Why or why not? (3 pts)
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