caso Moutain Dew V2 - Maestra en Administracin de...

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Maestría en Administración de Empresas (MADE) Año 2010 Comunicación empresarial Case: Mountain Dew Profesora: Alegre, María Alumnos: Hodder, Daniel Matzkin, Mariano Robillard, Alexandre
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Comunicación empresarial Mountain Dew Background & Problem Statement By 1999, Mountain Dew had assumed the position of the third largest retail volume carbonated soft drink. However, after achieving this position, Mountain Dew and other non-cola soft drinks began to experience a similar decline to that which the cola brands were experiencing, facing growing competition from alternative non-carbonated drinks such as Gatorade and Red Bull. In addition, managers felt that Mountain Dew’s traditional advertising channel of alternative sports was at risk of becoming too overexposed and losing its appeal to teens as something that is different and outside of the mainstream. As extreme sports grew in popularity, they gained a presence on mainstream television networks such as ESPN and attracted many large and well- known brands as sponsors. As a result, they began to lose some of their alternative image and brands such as Mountain Dew were forced to begin to look elsewhere in order to maintain their positioning as a drink that is outside of the mainstream. Thusly, product managers of Mountain Dew were faced with two main challenges. The first was how respond to the growing threat of non-carbonated drinks such as Gatorade or Red Bull. The second was the challenge to keep the “Do the Dew” campaign working hard to build the brand given that extreme sports were becoming overexposed. Key trends on the market Consumer cultural trends in music and sport: Music with rap and hip-hop lifestyle in urban areas. Alternative rock music with Nirvana and Pearl Jam, but this kind of music was fading since Kurt Cobain’s suicide in 1995. Techno in 90’s with raves in metropolitan areas. Sport with alternative sports (mountain biking, skate, BMX…) with XGames (grunge
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caso Moutain Dew V2 - Maestra en Administracin de...

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