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MSE 230 HW1 (due 01/14, 01/15) Spring 2010 1. Soft drinks are marketed in containers made of aluminum, glass, and polyester. (a) Name the main classification of each of these materials. (b) For each of these materials, chose one property from the list below and explain briefly how it contributes to the performance of the material in this application. Properties: density, stiffness or elastic modulus, fracture strength, thermal conductivity, heat capacity, optical transparency, corrosion resistance. 2. The table lists the worldwide annual production of selected materials on a mass basis (metric tons). (a) Complete the table by adding columns for the annual production on a volumetric basis and the values of the densities you use for the conversions. Cite your source of the density data and show one example calculation of the conversion. (b) Make a bar chart comparing the relative production on the two bases and comment on the results. 3. (a)
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