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Homework 2 - MSE 230 HW2 (due 01/21, 01/22) Spring 2010 1....

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Unformatted text preview: MSE 230 HW2 (due 01/21, 01/22) Spring 2010 1. (a) In the standard cubic unit cell neatly draw and label the (111) plane and the directions defined by its intersections with the faces of the unit cell (six total directions, three and their negatives). (b) Confirm that each of these directions is in (i.e., parallel to) the plane by a dot products analysis; in a cubic system a plane normal direction has the same indices as the Miller indices of the plane. 2. Assuming a hard sphere model, (a) Neatly draw to scale the arrangement of the atoms on {100}, {110}, and {111} for fcc and bcc crystal structures. Show only whole atom intersections with these planes and make sure your drawings clearly shows where the atoms touch or do not touch. (b) For each crystal structure, calculate the planar packing density of each plane and indicate which is the highest? (c) Show with a drawing that the density and arrangement of atoms on {100} and {200} in fcc is the same, so that the spacing between consecutive planes of the...
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