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Homework 8

Homework 8 - MSE 230 HW8(due 03/11 03/12 Spring 2010 1...

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Unformatted text preview: MSE 230 HW8 (due 03/11, 03/12) Spring 2010 1. Explain briefly why the properties values in Table 11.2b have such wide ranges. One sentence is sufficient. 2. Choose a stainless steel alloy from Table 11.4 for surgical scalpels. Give the alloy name or number designation, nominal composition, metallurgical condition, and mechanical properties. Justify you choice among the alloys in terms of the main property needed for this application, which is the ability of the blade to “hold and edge” (i.e., remain sharp). 3. (a) Using the mechanical properties data tables in Chapter 11, identify the alloy/condition from each of the main alloy classes (tables) that has the highest value of specific strength (yield strength) in uniaxial tension ( σ y / ρ ). Indicate the source of the density values you use and state your assumptions if you have to estimate the density. (b) For a given tie (size and load capacity (i.e., without yielding)) which of the alloys identified in part (a) would provide the lowest mass (i....
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