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Pre-notes: African Americans are still having a hard time assimilating into society (mostly in south) Have the right to vote, but…poll taxes, literacy tests, grandfather clauses, etc. Jim Crow laws, segregation in public places, etc. Supreme Court endorses this. Southerners in effect weren’t breaking the law Mid 1890s in LA, African American decided to challenge Jim Crowism. He deliberately sat in white section of a train, was ordered to go to the back, didn’t go, etc. Led to court decision of Plessy vs. Ferguson “separate but equal” doctrine is okay. Effort to marginalize black politically and socially – brings about violence (lynching, etc.) In Louisiana, African Americans were majority voters in 27 LA parishes in 1890s 1896 – LA adopted grandfather clauses, African American voters were majority in zero parishes African American Spokesman Booker T. Washington argued for gradualism, urged African Americans note to “rock the boat” or agitate for change; show white America that African Americans are decent, hardworking, useful citizens. Wanted them to get vocational training. W.E.B. Du Bois – first Harvard educated Ph.D. African American – Booker T. Washington’s gradualism isn’t getting the job done – didn’t advocate violence, but did advocate activism (boycotts, etc.). Advocated much higher education than just vocational training. Legal activism – leads to creation of NAACP. Took place on the eve of WWI [exam topics: Foreign Policy OR the role of government] September 21, 2010 1. “Historic” (traditional) for policy
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a. Isolationism i. George Washington advised – “avoid entangling occurrences,” don’t get involve in Europe’s political/military disputes. Trade yes, interfere no. ii. America has an absence of military threat at this point – we are physically distant from everyone. iii. 1810-1825 – After America’s victory of independence, Latin American colonies started rebelling against Spain and getting their independence iv. “Manifest Destiny” – 1840s beginning, but still Atlantic to Pacific takes a while. v. At this point, no nation on Earth is capable of conquering the U.S. vi. Main sources of protect – oceanic barriers & British Navy (they wouldn’t let anyone else in Europe try to colonize in America) b. Monroe doctrine – early 1820s i. Statement of policy ii. We would oppose any new European colonization in the Western Hemisphere iii. We will stay out of European political and military affairs iv. Became the pillar of American foreign policy
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exam_2_notes - P re-notes: African Americans are still...

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