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I have used the scientific process in my life to better understand my personality by using the three steps unsystematic observation, building theories, and evaluating propositions. I have taken these three steps and evaluated my personality to better understand it by first observing my surroundings and the way I was and how others around me were. I observed how I really acted and how I really was and how I thought I wanted to act and how I want to be. I also use this step for when I meet knew people. I observe the way they act, talk, look, and there gestures as they speak. I use the second step building theories to evaluate my personality to better understand it by taking the observations of how I am and how others are as well and make a theory of it. I also use this when meeting new people. I take what I observed from their actions as I stated above
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Unformatted text preview: and make a judgment or theory from the observations. I use the third and final step evaluating propositions to evaluate my personality to better understand it by evaluating the truth of my theory. I will take my observations from step one and take my theory from step two and determine and come up with a correct proposition and evaluate my true personality. I will get a better understanding of my personality my proving to myself who I really am overlooking who I think I am or who I want to be. I get a better understanding and a clear answer of who I am and how I really am. I can use this step to evaluate my observations and my theory from steps one and two to evaluate a proposition of the person I just met. I can put all three steps together and determine whomever I am meeting is and how they seem they are and who they really are....
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