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An experience that has affected the course of my life was on March 30, 2008 the day I had my baby girl. She had so many health problems wrong with her when she was born and was not breathing and had no heart beat. The doctors saved her life and brought her heart beat back and got her breathing again. This event has changed my personality and in a big way. My personality has been changed by be growing up, being responsible and much more mature. I am happy every day since I had her and her father (my husband) and I are full of joy and are in amazement every day. She has changed my personality in a great way and it as overall made me a better person and I look at life in a total different view. I do not take each day for granted and I take every day in with my family as a gift.
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Unformatted text preview: I think fifty percent of my personality is deter mend by environmental influence, twenty percent is from genetics, and the last thirty percent is my own personality that I have gained from my husband and daughter. I know that my environment is a huge influence on my personality because I lived in Texas and I loved to listen to country music, I talked like a country person, and I had the overall country look. I now live in Tennessee and the part I live in has no rodeos and the people are not all country live on a farm types. The people I went to school with and the people I am around the most listen to R&B music and dress in jeans with Polo shirts. The way I am now is all because of my family genetics, my daughter, but mainly my environment....
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